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Our Science capabilities grew out of more than a decade of Schireson Associates experience using data science to help clients unlock the predictive power of data for their businesses.
Today, our world-class team of PhD Data Scientists and Software Engineers deliver measurable results for our clients every day. Our Media Science services help brands compete and win through scientifically optimized media planning and buying, while our Data Science consulting services help brands and publishers design actionable data strategies, train accurate predictive models, and build and manage custom software solutions and data platforms. 

Recent Achievements

Optimized over 500 advanced TV advertising campaigns for over 180 different brands.

Built a scalable big data pipeline for a leading streaming video provider that handles more than 1.6 billion records per day.

Optimized advertising targeting, bidding and creative for a leading global e-commerce platform, lowering their cost per customer acquisition by 65%.

Designed and developed a new infrastructure for television publishers to deliver advanced linear advertising with the precision and agility of their digital peers.

Designed and engineered a proprietary machine learning prediction engine that, to date, has driven the placement of over $8 billion in advertising.

Optimized targeting and bidding for a plant-based meat brand, bringing down their cost per action by 35%.