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Known – Strategy

known strategy

Built on 20 years of research, advanced segmentation and strategic advisory from Schireson Associates, combined with the renowned brand development and business innovation expertise of Blackbird, our strategy group helps clients understand who they are, what's possible and how to achieve it.

Known Strategy delivers breakthrough insights on consumers, brands and market opportunities that support bold business strategies and growth for our clients.

recent achievements

Generated insights and strategies for the launch of over $200 billion of new B2B and B2C technology products and services, covering the full range of software, devices, cloud & subscription services and more.

Developed a proprietary customer intelligence platform that leverages machine learning and natural language processing to provide insights on customer needs and aspirations to one of the world’s largest professional services companies.

Helped a major national healthcare provider enter a new market, using proprietary analytics to help them identify key brand attributes that uniquely drive consideration in the new market, as well as gap areas that needed to be addressed relative to their new set of competitors.

Pioneered the integration of survey and behavioral data to drive media and creative strategy; invented a powerful set of scientific tools, now used by several consumer brands, for activating any brand's custom segmentation.

Optimized pricing and packaging for multiple releases of a major enterprise software suite, helping to drive growth in usage to over 200 million commercial users – a 30% gain over the last year.