That Grubhub feeling

The social conversation around Grubhub's competitors is littered with "hangry" posts complaining about delayed food orders. But Grubhub's differentiated on-time guarantee makes hanger a thing of the past.  So we asked ourselves to name the opposite of hanger–the feeling when the food you've been craving hits your lips. Known and Grubhub invented an entirely new lexicon of emotions bringing “That Grubhub Feeling” to life while keeping the focus on the food and Grubhub's on-time guarantee. After consumer research to identify winning articulations, we introduced the world to new emotions like "Chewphoria," "Meatitation," and "Ensushiastic.”

Ultimately, we work every day to create a deeper connection with our diners and the food they love – this work truly celebrates the moment of joy that comes when your order has arrived, and you are savoring the moment of digging in.

Ben Whitla, VP, Head of Brand & Creative, Grubhub