Grubhub: That Grubhub Feeling

Everybody knows the feeling when you’ve let hunger get to the point of anger – hangry. But what do you call it when whatever food you’ve been dreaming about finally hits your lips? No matter what fare you choose to satisfy your craving, your Grubhub order will come on time, at the lowest price…and with a particular feeling that’s been difficult to describe until now. To prove Grubhub is all about the food and satisfying the customers they serve, Known developed an entirely new lexicon of emotions as part of “that Grubhub Feeling” campaign, finally defining the polar opposites of hangry, like “Chewphoria,” “Meatitation,” and “Ensushiastic,” just to name a few.

Ultimately, we work every day to create a deeper connection with our diners and the food they love – this work truly celebrates the moment of joy that comes when your order has arrived, and you are savoring the moment of digging in.

Ben Whitla, VP, Head of Brand & Creative, Grubhub