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PRINCIPLE no. 01/05

Marketing has fundamentally changed

The rapid transformation of media and technology continues to open new opportunities to connect with the right customers, in the right ways, at the exact right times. To win, brands need a partner built for right now — not thirty years ago. It starts with world class data science, which inspires breakthrough strategy and powerful creative. All in a fully integrated and transparent business model. A higher standard to meet the challenges and opportunities of marketing today.

PRINCIPLE no. 02/05

It all starts with science

We start with science because our clients deserve precision. Two decades in, with data science and strategy at the center, those clients depend on us more than ever to unlock value, create opportunities and solve the most complex challenges they face. Known employs dozens of PhD data scientists and engineers, world class thinkers who’ve left academic careers in math, physics and computer science. They work directly with our clients, using state of the art, proprietary tools to deliver unparalleled solutions.

PRINCIPLE no. 03/05

Your brand is everything you do

Customers today demand brands live up to their expectations – with every interaction, across all aspects of their business. We help our clients distill and elevate the meaning of their brands. Through research, insights and strategy, we help our clients express their power and potential in new ways, delivering sustainable brand value from the inside out.

PRINCIPLE no. 04/05

When the parts aren’t connected, clients always lose

When science and strategy are disconnected from creative, brands always lose. Known is one team, equal parts of all three, unified in everything we do. Our deep insights inform breakthrough strategy, and our strategy inspires world class creative. As a result, for two decades, our storytelling doesn’t just set us apart by winning us Emmy, Peabody, Clio, Cannes Lions, and Agency of the Year awards – it actually delivers on clients’ objectives with unparalleled precision and measurable business impact.

PRINCIPLE no. 05/05

Clients deserve better

It’s simple: your marketing company should share your mission. Truth, transparency and a commitment to exceed expectations from day one, that’s what our clients expect. We built every aspect of our business to align with the goals of the brands we fight for. Our people, our values and our own ambition are one with the clients we support.


These are some of the clients who have put their trust in us:

We looked for a partner that could help bring this inspiring event to life in the most riveting way possible. Known has helped us tie together our strategy, media and creative efforts around the world’s first all-civilian mission to space and we are very proud to share it with the world.

Jared IsaacmanCEO Shift4, Mission Commander Inspiration4

There are a lot of campaigns that I am proud of but the current campaign with TikTok - “It Starts on TikTok” - is a whole different game.

Nick TranChief Marketing Officer, TikTok

Fantastic campaign...
The most honest advertising I’ve ever seen.

Stephen ColbertOn Known’s campaign for HBO’s Last Week Tonight

What excites me about Known is the caliber of talent they’re bringing to the table – and it’s a truly integrated team.

Carla HassanChief Marketing Officer, Citi

Their approach to modern marketing is truly unparalleled, with strategic, data-led insights driving expert creative. We couldn’t be happier to be one of the first clients to leverage the entire suite – stronger, faster results that drive real enterprise value.

Michaella Solar-MarchManaging Director, Global Head of Marketing, Tishman Speyer

The world has data coming out of its ears. The genius of Known is how they use data to make creative leaps possible.

Martin PurisFounder, Ammirati & Puris / Inductee, Creative Hall of Fame

With Known it’s more than the right answers. It’s the right questions.

Geoffrey MooreAuthor of Crossing the Chasm / Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures

I’ve been lucky to collaborate with these maestros as producers and idea-wizards on multiple projects. I’m repeatedly blown away by their inventiveness, energy, drive and savvy.

Jay RoachDirector of Bombshell, Austin Powers, Meet the Fockers

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