Rapyd: Hack the Galaxy

Fintech startup Rapyd (https://www.rapyd.net/) found themselves in a muddied fintech landscape invaded by a profusion of companies tapping into the potential of embedded finance. This flooding of the market with new players obscured the uniqueness of Rapyd’s value proposition, products, and services. Known was asked to construct a differentiating brand platform that appealed to SMBs, Mid-market, and Enterprise organizations, as well as the Developer audience. The mission was simple but incredibly challenging - set the brand apart in the marketplace. To do so, Known created a brand belief system that helped Rapyd see themselves as they are: bold mavericks. This became the foundation for what was to come.

Developers are the lifeblood of a tech-enabled platform like Rapyd. As such, Rapyd needed to activate and drive Devs to engage with the brand - initially, by joining their online community. Known did this by activating the brand idea, “Build Bold.” Thanks to qualitative research, we identified levers that motivate this audience - Devs love solving challenges in and outside of their profession, they want to give back and help other developers grow, and finally, going to outer-space was a childhood dream of many.

Equipped with these insights, we created an integrated global campaign to acquire 50K Devs into their community. Knowing outer-space fascinated our audience, we partnered with space icon, William Shatner. Shatner invited developers and brainiacs alike to try their hand at a series of custom-made brain-busting puzzles for a chance to win a ticket to space - we called it Hack The Galaxy.

And the results were explosive – over just 2 months, “hackthegalaxy” and “Rapyd community” were searched over 40k times on Google alone. Oh, and the developer sign-up goal? We reached 51,000 in half the allotted time.