Talkspace: With a little help from my therapist

Talkspace needed to stand out in a crowded conversation around mental health and drive trial of virtual therapy. Together we shifted the conversation from pain to the positive impact of therapy and the relationship between patients & their therapists. Our campaign, “A little help,” told stories about small moments of progress that add up to big, transformational life changes. Each of the commercials - including one starring World Champion swimmer Michael Phelps - was guided by insights and brought to life by intimate storytelling. Our media scientists and strategists amplified those messages by ensuring that individuals interested in video therapy sessions, voice-only sessions or asynchronous messaging saw advertising for the therapy they were most predisposed to use. And it all came at just the right time: When mental health was top of mind, and people needed a little help more than ever.

Known challenged us to truly listen to our market research. What we heard was the incredible power of connection that many members felt with their therapists. We gained some moving insights about the way in which therapy can be a catalyst for positive transformation. Whether our advertising features someone with the international fame of Michael Phelps, or simply represents a co-worker or family member, Known helped us beautifully illuminate the moment when therapy sparks a new chapter.

Sam Braunstein, Chief Marketing Officer
Los Angeles
New York
San Francisco