Vivint: Smart security. Professionally installed.

Known activated the Skeptic™ OS to better understand where Vivint currently sat within the competitive landscape. Our strategists conducted qualitative and quantitative research to identify the differentiated white space for Vivint’s brand and highlight a unique value proposition to inform stand-out creative and media targeting. We also developed a statistical model for selecting Vivint brand ambassadors most likely to persuade our target audiences; Snoop Dogg with a special appearance from viral TikTok star Nathan Apodaca (who longboarded to Fleetwood Mac as @doggface208).

With this intelligence and strategic direction defined, Known then partnered with Vivint to design and execute their first-ever brand marketing campaign. This included a shoot for TV and print advertising. The one-day shoot yielded 4 spots, a VO session with Snoop for a fully animated spot to be used later in the campaign as well as stills to be used across all platforms.

All those assets (stills and video) were then delivered and highlighted by a sophisticated and highly targeted media plan that has helped realize the company’s aggressive growth ambitions.

Test and learn is a true thing with Known. On our weekly calls, they’re walking us through how to pivot, everything from creative sequencing, to types of audiences we’re reaching.

Doug Barnett, Senior VP of Marketing